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Diabetes Hospital Chennai

Diabetes and its Related Complications

Diabetes is a kind of disease where your blood glucose (sugar) levels remain above normal. Why is it so? It results from the inability of your cells to absorb the glucose. As a result, your cells tend to starve for their food (glucose) when there is excess glucose in your system. It would be like starving when you are surrounded by tables of wonderful food but cannot eat because your mouth is sewn.

Kinds of Diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes is normally diagnosed in kids and youngsters and represents 5-10% of diabetes patients. Here, the pancreas doesn’t make any insulin at all.

Type 2 diabetes is the most well-known manifestation of the illness. It represents 90-95% of all the instances of diabetes. In Type 2 diabetes, either your body doesn’t make enough insulin, or the cells in your body disregard the insulin so they can’t use glucose as they should.

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What are the side effects of diabetes?

Individuals who think they may have diabetes must visit a diabetes doctor in Chennai or nearby doctor to verify. They may have SOME or NONE of the accompanying side effects: successive pee, intemperate thirst, unexplained weight reduction, extreme appetite, sudden vision changes, shivering or numbness in hands or feet, feeling exceptionally tired a significant part of the time, extremely dry skin, injuries that are not healing, etc.

How would you treat diabetes?

For Type 1 diabetes, healthy food consuming, exercise, and insulin injections are fundamental helps. The measure of insulin injected must be followed with food intake and everyday exercises. For patients with Type 1 diabetes, blood glucose levels must be checked regularly.

For Type 2 diabetes, the patients need to have a proper diet, physical action, and blood glucose testing are essential helps. Likewise, numerous individuals with Type 2 diabetes take oral medicine, insulin, or both to control their blood glucose levels. Once the glucose is permitted inside the cells, your glucose levels will drop back to the normal.

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