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General Surgeon Chennai

How general surgeon help us during emergency surgery?

Usually a general surgeon has the experience, knowledge, and skills to manage morbidly obese patients by providing them with surgical weight loss and therapy.They also know how to accomplish a surgery in the least offensive way making good use of techniques like general anesthesia and laparoscopy. A general surgeon in Chennai is trained to perform laparoscopic surgery on numerous organs of the human body such asgall bladder,appendix, colon, etc.

The department of general surgery hospital in Chennai is well exhibited to handle all general surgical optional and serious cases. The department offers widespread treatment for thyroid and breast disorders, which contains breast-conserving surgery for cancer of the breast. There are freezing section facilities to ensure efficiency of tumor resection.

general surgeon chennai

There is 24 hours a trauma team to cope with all categories of accident victims. A surgeon and anesthetist are constantly present for emergency trauma management, braced by tertiary level intensive care facilities. There is facility for Laparoscopic surgery for hernia along with endoscopic perforator vein surgery for varicose veins.

Service Offered

24-hour trauma careBCT of breast cancerample treatment of thyroid disordersLaparoscopic hernia repairAmputation deterrenceProcedures for diabetic foot infectionStapler Haemorrhoidectomy

Emergency Surgeries

Emergency surgeries contain all abdominal trauma cases which essentialinstant attention and surgery.

1. Hole of the gastrointestinal tract

2. Intestinal obstruction is the fiasco of the intestine to pass contents a due to limited or complete blockage of the bowel.

3. Obstructed abdominal hernias can advance towards choking since it is a medical disorder in which bowel is ensnared and blocked but feasible.

4. Acute abdominal cases like critical appendicitis, acute cholecystitis, etc.

5. Acute abdominal pain due to hasty swelling of the gallbladder caused by gallstones causes acute cholecystitis

6. key hole surgery in Chennai

7. Thyroid surgeries like hemithyroidectomy, total thyroidectomy, etc.

Hemithyroidectomy is the surgery of either of the lobes of the thyroid gland alleged of being cancerous. If on exclusion of the nodule and further pathological inquiry it proves to be cancerous there is a complete thyroidectomy which is a separate operation.