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Intensive Care Unit Chennai

Why we need Critical Care Unit in Chennai?

Health care facilities are one of the most basic and required facilities of any society. An efficient system is one which is capable of providing health care facilities to all at affordable prices. In a system which is meant for the people of a country, the geographical issues should not matter when it comes to providing health care facilities. However, not every facility is equipped for critical care unit in Chennai facilities, either due to the lack of facilities itself or expert professionals. Thus, dependency on the bigger and better hospitals increases with the growing population making health care expensive.

Intensive Care

Hospitals across the country must be equipped with a fully fledged intensive medical care unit in Chennai. Mostly required for patients who need continuous monitoring facilities, or in critical, accident and trauma cases, the CCU or the ICU is one of the most important parts of a hospital. As it caters to patients with serious injuries and critical illness, visiting anyone in a CCU is overwhelming. However, with the best care one can get here, it is a ray of hope in the life of the victim. Introduction of the CCU/ICU units into the medical system goes a long way back though the modern facilities and systems are the gift of research in the field of medical science. It is found that during the war, Florence Nightingale separated seriously injured or wounded soldiers from the rest while providing them treatment. This helped greatly in bringing the mortality rate down as the critically injured patients received better care and continuous monitoring.

Hospitals usually have well established departments to handle cases of various diseases and disorders depending upon the capacity and the professional expertise available in the hospital. These departments are home to highly qualified and dedicated doctors who specialize in a particular area of medicine. The various departments of hospitals usually are: Gynecology, Pediatrics, Neurology, Cardiology, Orthopedics, Nephrology, Urology, Dental, Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine, ENT and others. However, all these departments need a strong and dedicated support from the ICU or the CCU. The CCU with the team of expert doctors, intensive its and support staff provides utmost care and best treatment to the victims in need of care to come out of the trauma.


The CCU are well equipped units with technically advanced monitoring facilities, keeping the nurse to patient ratio as 1:1 which enables efficient care and treatment. These units have expertise in treating cardio logical problems like heart attack and heart failure, cases of septicemia which is a serious infection which is accompanied by multiple organ failure. Along with this they will be capable of handling kidney failure and its complications, respiratory failures due to pneumonia or severe bronchial asthma and other problems, emergencies like stroke, brain hemorrhage, neurological problems, cases of brain trauma, liver problems, cases of poisoning, critical cases of multiple fractures, spinal injuries and cases of accident and trauma. Being an extremely important part of any hospital, the CCU must provide the best care and treatments as they support every other departments of the hospital.