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Ortho Hospital in Chennai

Why it is essential to visit ortho hospital in Chennai and types of bone specialist?

Following an injury, many people will try to treat at home rather than with an orthopedic doctor. They might take over the counter medications or rest in order to help their bodies heal. They might follow up with their primary care provider if the self-treatment doesn’t work. However, sometimes it might be necessary to visit an ortho hospital in Chennai in order to fully heal from an injury. In fact, there might be some symptoms where it will be imperative that the individual see an orthopedic doctor in Chennai as soon as possible.

When the stability is lost

If an individual’s shoulder or knee keeps popping out of place, this generally means a serious tear to a tendon or ligaments. Ligaments and tendons are the connective tissues that hold everything in place. A tendon attaches muscle to bone, while a ligament attaches bone to bone. While just about every sprain or strain involves a tear of some sort, these tears can usually heal.

When range of motion is lost

Another sign that a tendon or ligament has been seriously damaged is loss of range of motion. While it is normal to lose a small amount of range of motion following an injury, it is not normal for the range of motion to be extremely limited. If the individual is unable to move the joint more than 50% of its regular range of motion, then it is important to see an orthopedic doctor, as the damage might be severe and require some kind of surgical intervention.

When there is grinding or clicking following the injury

Severe clicking or grinding following an injury, or even over time, can indicate that a joint has been compromised. Cartilage between the joints might be worn down, and bone might be rubbing directly on bone. This can cause a clicking or grinding feeling when the joint is moved. In order to fix this, it is often important that the individual follow up with an orthopedic doctor. The ortho doctor in Chennai might be able to offer an injection, or a surgical option, in order to stop this clicking or grinding.

Orthopedic in chennai

Different Kinds of bone specialist in Chennai


An Osteopath is a healthcare professional who focuses mainly on the musculoskeletal system. He/she makes use of touch, massage, stretching, and physical manipulation in treating a patient in order to relieve tension, increase joint mobility, and increase blood supply to the tissues. Osteopaths are aware that the body structure dysfunction has an effect on the gastro-intestinal, circulatory, and nervous systems of the body. They can also give advice on the proper posture plus the best exercise for patients to prevent their problems from recurring.


A chiropractor makes use of alternative medicine in treating patients. To determine if patients needs assistance, this health care professional considers their body balance. For this reason, chiropractors focus on the spinal column to guarantee that the body is well-balanced. First, they evaluate the condition of their patients after they see their x-ray results. Then, they provide an educated solution for them. Usually, they manipulate the muscles by means of massage, together with alternative medicine.

Whenever there is serious tendon, ligament or bone damage, it is important to follow up with an orthopedic doctor. In emergency cases, like with a broken bone, this might be obvious.