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Paediatrician Chennai

Tips must be considered before selecting your paediatrician    

A paediatrician is a specialized doctor who offers medical guidance with health problems related to new-borns, teenagers as well as children up to 21 years of age. Identifying the right pediatrician may not seem to be as critical for an expecting parent initially, but with the birth of the child parents have to start looking for one. So, parents can begin the search by consulting couples with children, as they can prove to be immensely helpful in recommending an opposite pediatric clinic.

One can also seek help from their obstetrician, who specializes in child birth and the mother’s care. Besides, a person who is completely oblivious of pediatricians in the locality can contact a medical school nearby or a children hospital to obtain relevant information. Once a few doctors have been shortlisted, make an appointment with them to assess their suitability.

Here are a few tips which can help parents in selecting the best Paediatrician in Chennai for their new born baby:

Paediatrician chennai

Verifying the Paediatricians Credentials

It is always advisable to first verify the credentials of the clinic. Suitable training in pediatrics comprises medical school, along with as a minimum of three years of residency in either family medicine or pediatrics. There are many insurance firms who include the physician’s credentials or the information of prominent paediatric clinics in the insurance plan on their websites.

Meeting the paediatrician in person

It is essential that one meets the Paediatrician in Chennai before deciding, whether he/she is suitable for your child. Factors such as the availability of the doctor and the distance of the clinic should be considered when making a choice.

There are many children hospitals in Chennai which work round-the-clock and where parents can take their child in order to examine his/her condition. Needless to say, the pediatricians at children hospital in Chennai, also conduct a painstaking examination of the baby’s health on the day of discharge.

Will it be possible to consult the pediatrician on phone and email?

There are pediatricians who provide a call-in period facility every day, where parents can resolve their queries or doubts over the phone. There are some others who answer back calls as and when they visit the pediatric clinic. Also, one should ask their pediatricians for guidelines, so that you are aware as to which query can be resolved over a phone call and which will require an actual visit.

There are also pediatricians who prefer resolving queries via e-mail. While one can have a few concerns related to resolving queries through this way, overall it can aid in fostering a couple’s association with the doctor.

Does the paediatrics hospital have credible doctors?

This is one another the most important questions that you have to consider. Ensure that the hospital you are choosing for your child has Paediatrician in Chennai which is certified by the Indian board of paediatrics. Find out if these doctors are specialists in this medical field and have had a good many years of experience in diagnosing and treating children with medical problems. An understanding doctor will build a good relationship with you and your child, which will go a long way to benefit the treatment.