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Take cholesterol-free Diet and Stay Fit and Fine!

Take cholesterol-free Diet and Stay Fit and Fine!


Cholesterol is a waxy and fatty like substance that is found in our blood. Our body needs cholesterol for building healthy cells and supports many vital functions like maintaining healthy cellular walls, building hormones and vitamin D. It also helps in building bile acids in our body, used for the digestion of fat in particular. Cholesterol in our body system is primarily produced in our liver. But high levels of cholesterol in our blood stream can increase your risk of heart disease. High levels of cholesterol mean greater proportion of fatty deposits in your blood vessels.

Role of Diet

Diet plays the most crucial role in the management of cholesterol in our body system. There is increase of cholesterol in our body if we eat excessive amount of saturated fat in our diet. The saturated fat is commonly found in foods like meat and dairy products. So, it’s always recommended to maintain a healthy diet in order to have a good control on your level of cholesterol.

A diet that produces too much “bad” LDL cholesterol leads to form plaques in the arteries, leading to coronary heart disease, heart attack, or stroke. The ideal amount of LDL cholesterol in the blood is directed to be 100 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) or less.

Cholesterol lowering diet themes:

  • Cutting down the saturated and Trans fat intake
  • Replace foods high in cholesterol and saturated fats with unsaturated fats, fruits, vegetables, and wholegrain
  • Keep on serving size in check to assure a healthy daily calorie intake

Vegan Diet

The vegan diet is free from all animal-based foods and dairy products. The vegan diet prevents eating animal-based foods like fish, meat and dairy products such as poultry, eggs etc. Only animal-based foods contain cholesterol. That is why veganism is truly the cholesterol-free diet.

However, cutting down the cholesterol and saturated fat intake is not the only way that can reduce LDL levels. To make this diet especially effective, you have to include nutrients that actively remove LDL cholesterol from the body.

The most important of these nutrients are:

  1. Polyunsaturated fats: Mostly present in natural vegetable oils like canola, sunflower, and safflower oils.
  2. Soluble fibers: They can be found in oat-based cereals, whole grains, barley, beans, apples, grapes, strawberries, and citrus fruits.
  3. Stanols and Sterols: Extracted from certain plants, or often used to fortify juices and nutrition bars or can also be taken in supplement form.

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