# 20, Govindan Street, Ayyaavoo Colony, Aminjikarai, Chennai - 600 029


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M.R Hospital provides a broad range of medical services in order to serve all of your healthcare needs. Each service is highly specialized to meet your specific needs.The liposuction is a procedure by which the body fat is dissolved and sucked out from the body by a powerful machine so that we can remove all our unwanted fat thereby looking more more young and to get a better body shape. M.R. Hospital has a Dedicated Renal (kidney) Transplant centre, headed by a Senior consultant Nephrology, who drives the success rate to 100% with his caliber and clinical acumen. We have facilities in our Hospital to perform all types of Cardiac Surgeries- Coronary Bypass, Valve Replacement, Congenital Heart Surgery and V.A.T.S (Thorocoscopic Surgery).

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