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Thyroid Specialist Chennai

Kinds of thyroid and its symptoms

Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are two common kinds of illnesses that take millions of people into their grasps every year. Both of the disorders are silent killers and hinder with a vary array of other physical situations. If you have been suffering from any of such illness, you must find a thyroid specialist for fast recovery. Thyroid can be controlled through oral medicine most of the times. But sometimes thyroid turns serious that is uncontrollable. Therefore, it’s essential to be in touch with a specialist from the time the disease is identified.

Thyroid Specialist chennai

Types and signs of thyroid disorders

There are numerous thyroid connected disorders but some of them have been observed to be the most common among people. Hypothyroidism (under active thyroid), goiter (enlarged thyroid), thyroid nodules (lumps in the thyroid gland), hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid), thyroid cancer (malignant thyroid tissues) and thyroiditis (inflammation of the thyroid) are some of the most common ones to be identified.

There are several signs and symptoms which can sanction the problem of thyroid. Muscle and joint pains, enlargement of the thyroid gland & discomfort in the neck, carpal tunnel/tendonitis problems, hair & skin changes, fertility problems, menstrual irregularities and bowel problems are some of the critical symptoms. Family history, cholesterol problems, depression & anxiety, weight issues and fatigue are some other noticeable symptoms which have often been seen among patients.

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