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ENT Hospital chennai

What is Ent and hospital in Chennai?

Sore throat is very common, and by far, every one of us might have experienced it. It is one of the most common conditions of the throat, and almost always, is bacterial in origin. Species of Streptococcus & Staphylococcus mostly cause sore throat.

Who has not experienced a Running Nose yet? It is one of the most irritating & distressing condition we ever come across. Nose, being an integral component of the Respiratory System, most commonly shows symptoms of COLD (Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease) as well as Flu.

Children generally have problem related to ear, nose and throat; the reason behind is that they don’t take proper precaution towards cold and cold things hence resulted in ailment related to nose and throat. And eye is such an organ that if it is slightly mismanaged create problem in vision. If proper care of nose and throat is not taken at a tender age then this problem and ailment may continue and may become a big problem. ENT problem are triggered by slight seasonal change also. For example in winter many people suffer from bouts of cold and cough. Allergies, migraine, sinus, tonsils, and malfunctioning of glands in the ear, and throat region are responsible for causing sore throats, nose and ear blockages, headaches, and body temperatures rising. But there is nothing to worry about because if you properly cure your ENT ailment then it is not going to trouble you frequently; just you need to take a bit of precaution. For ear related problem you can search for the best ear hospital in Chennai.

ent hospital chennai

Ear problems

Though uncommon, Pathological conditions of the ear are almost always, the most complicated. Otit is Media is one of the most complicated conditions of the ear, where in there is inflammation of the middle ear cavity (involving the stapes) other conditions are Tinnitus (caused by loud noises) and Baro-trauma (Due to changes in pressure)

Earlier, back in early 90’s, ENT Specialists were only painstaking with management of above said conditions.

However, WHO now officially classifies ent specialist in Chennai as doctors who can manage conditions of the Head & Neck (and hence now also known as head and neck surgeons) and with further specialization, they can also manage cancers of the same origin.

Also, ent doctor in Chennai manage cases of the base of the skull.

A Typical ENT Specialists manages the following conditions:



Throat Related

As mentioned above, ENT specialists also manage oncologic conditions of the head and neck. They are as follows:

Technological Progression is the whole and sole reason, of why there has been such a precipitous development in the field of ENT.

Doctors in ent hospital in Chennai, now have latest instruments, which help them go deeper, to find solutions for patient ailments.

This includes Advanced Mechanic Low Laser Therapy, for treating benign tumors of head and neck.

Also, Advanced Hearing Aids, has been a boon for Impaired Individuals.

These aids work on a basic principle. These aids “Amplify” sound waves reaching the ear, so that amplified sound waves hit the hearing center, as the main issue with cochlear hearing loss is loss of amplification.